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Shauna Stevenson
Credentialing Coordinator


Shauna Stevenson comes to Med-Net Concepts, LLC with 10 years of experience working for the American College of Healthcare Administrators (ACHCA). During her time at the ACHCA, Shauna worked as program assistant for education and professional advancement, where it was her responsibility to assist the director of education and professional advancement with maintaining the certification and fellow programs, submit educational programs for Continued Education (CE) approval through National Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators (NAB), and compile monthly reports of customer’s earned CE’s and report earned CE to state licensure boards. Shauna also worked as the credentialing services coordinator and professional advancement manager. In these roles she oversaw and managed all aspects of ACHCA’s professional advancement programs, awards programs, and CE process. Shauna’s experience with ACHCA will be a great asset at Med-Net Concepts, LLC where she will be working as our credentialing coordinator.